Sunday, September 26, 2010

Digital Marketing Friendships and Inovation

I have a good friend who is a Sarasota used car dealer, who worked full time as an online marketer before being drug back into the dealership. One of the things he has done is keep his ebay store that sells wireless headphones.  I really did not understand how big of an operation this is until we visited each other recently.

This is a huge enterprise that could be duplicated using a different product, he has pretty much made it impossible to enter this niche because he will drive pricing down to force others out of the niche.  The key to duplicating this model would be to find a product that you could buy inexpensively, sell for a low margin then scale through various distribution channels.  Plus it would help to have a friend to help guide you.

The real key is having the friend to help guide you.  See most of the "programs" people push to others online under the guise of friendship and sponsorship are nothing more than a facade to fill their pockets with cash.  If these people were really friends it would not require money for them to give you insight on how to make money they would give freely of themselves.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sure Path to Sucess

One of the best ways to insure your success when working in a service business it to under promise and over deliver.  This is what we are doing for clients of our Craigslist service.  We are taking content that we are publishing for them on and using it to pump feeder sites.  A good example of this is what we did to help clients sell used cars in Savannah.

While this may have little if any automotive seo value it is a great way for us to test some of our theories.  This will give us the opportunity to monetize any traffic these sites gain and to see how well they index.  It will provide a great case study in automotive marketing if it works.  It is unfortunate that many dealers do not realize the true value of efforts like this.

If you have been stuck in a rut trying to promote other peoples programs and not making any money you may want to look into setting up your own service based business.  It is the best thing I have ever done.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

You Don't Need Downlines to Make Money

I have build a company that provides marketing services to car dealers, one thing that I can say from my past experience in using downline programs is that it did teach me a work ethic that transferred well.  When people work to build downlines in different programs many times they are on their own in their efforts so you do need the work ethic of being independently responsible for your efforts to stay productive.  I transferred what I learned during that period to build a successful online business.

Some of the things we have done to help support dealers is create a network of blogs that pushes links back to their main sites.  A good example of this is Automotive Nexus and Texas Direct Auto, which pulls content and listing in from a multitude of sources.  The good thing is these sources cover their own cost without support from the client.

The time an energy needed to create these properties is far less frustrating than trying to get downline members to follow a system.  Then you can afford to hire writers like we have for Domestic Auto Report.  That is where the fun really starts.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Downline Mean Nothing - Make your own destiny!!

If you provide a product or service that provides value then you have no need to worry about downlines or any other type of "member program".  I have build a successful business helping brick and mortar businesses promote themselves online.  A good example is writing about Union County used car dealers to help them show up when consumers are looking for their offers.

You can also build up a business by offering service like automotive SEO, dealer search engine marketing or craigslist for car dealers.  While I did not build my cred in the car business overnight and builing an online business will not happen over night for you either but if you stick with it you can succeed.  You just can't do it by filling others program for success.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Myths Used as Education - It just not in Downline Programs

One of the common denominators in web marketing is many use education as a marketing tool. The problem is much of it is cool aid fueled bs. As most are aware that have read this blog they know how bad an idea the downline integrity brigade was and know it did not last long.

Now I have moved efforts over to the automotive services niche and witness bs there as well. One of the biggest myths given that I have seen is "SEO takes ages" and it caused me to do an article title about search engine marketing, and another about automotive search marketing. Both articles raised the dander of

Another article I did about automotive pay per click is also getting a lot of traffic mostly because it exposes myths in the automotive search engine marketing realm.

What will be fun to watch over the coming months is how automotive web vendor solutions fare as car dealers become more educated and start seeing through the smoke and mirrors!!

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

How to Pick up Some Christmas Cash

It actually may be to late for most of the people that read this blog to establish a site, build traffic and reap the benefit of some extra spending money before Christmas unless you start an online business that can help local merchants advertise.  A couple of things I did here recently are paying off quite nice right here before Christmas and the other will make next Christmas even that much more merrier.

Things that I have started in the last month that are pauing off:

My question to you folks chasing downlines and joining every get rich quick scam online what are you doing to help make your Christmas even more Merrier?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stop Worring About Downlines - Set your own destiny

For those that have been members of different programs such as the Downline integrity brigade there is a lot that can be learned from the fiasco. There is a lot more money to be made in doing your own thing versus follow a silly member program.

For instance you can find reliable clients that will pay decent money for helping them promote their business. For example a Route 44 used car lot it leveraging the power of blogging to attract new customers and a Cincinnati used car dealer is doing the same thing.

It is companies like this that need people like you to help them promote their business.  Here are some things you can do to help you be prepared to help these types of clients.  This list is automotive related just substitute your chosen niche with automotive.

These are just a start of things you can do to get out of the trap of worring about downlines.